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Special Event Coordinator

Types of Events That a Special Event Coordinator Will Help

Events are quite diverse. They range from education and marketing to reunions and other celebrations. They are classified into three categories, depending on size, context, and type, as per the Event Education Publication of 2003. And that translates into charity, private, and corporate events. That also means you need different organizers, depending on the type of event.

For instance, a Luxury Event Planner will most likely work best on a private event. On the other hand, a special event coordinator can do both charity and corporate. So let us discuss the three types of events.

Private Events

They are mostly for planners who can search and book a venue for the host. They include:

  • The actual wedding

  • After-wedding events, for instance, receptions

  • Festivals

  • Birthday parties


As you can see, this field is not very diverse. Naylor (2011) notes this and attributes it to the fact that most people only book these services for weddings. Others, such as schools and businesses, prefer selecting a space for themselves. So, in this case, a Luxury Event Planner is the best fit.

Corporate Events

They are purposely for promotional services to brands and companies.

Examples include

  • Conferences

  • Seminars

  • Business meetings

  • Networking meetups

  • Business dinners

  • Team building meetings

  • Launching of products


Business management teams may choose to hire a special event coordinator to organize the meetings if they demonstrate competence in the business’ niche. Regardless of the type, these meetings are geared mainly to drive more return to the company. So that’s what the coordinator should focus on.

Charity /Fundraising

They are events purposed to raise cash for events like sports, society facilities, and other charity works. Fundraising is a very diverse area—people ask for assistance from whatever perspective.

Get both luxury and special event coordinator

Whether you need private, corporate, or charity event coordination, do not hesitate to reach out to me. My company, Divine Concepts & Design, offers specialized event support in all those areas. So, why not contact me today?

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